Pomagro has two business units and one administrative platform in Reims (France) for the Fav-Pomagro company.


Pomagro's main site is located in Tirlemont, centralizing production, administration and part of the storage. The facilities have a storage capacity of more than 35,000 tonnes on a roofed-over area of about 1.3 hectare. New buildings erected in 2014 have increased the storage capacity by 12,000 tonnes (6,500 m²).

The fertilizing materials are mixed and kept in bulk storage cells in one of the new buildings. A great number of different mixtures can be stored in this new area, an essential element for our activities considering the many formulations we sell. Lorries are loaded directly in a fully automatic installation.

The office building is at the entrance of the site which allows the administration department to be permanently in touch with production and logistics. Our laboratory also operates within this office area. Centralizing production, quality management and administration proves to be a real asset for the staff and for the efficiency of the company as a whole.


The site in Jodoigne is used for storing customized formulations produced at the Tirlemont site. The overall storage area is about 1.2 hectare of which 1 hectare is roofed-over.



Fav-Pomagro has an administrative platform in Reims (France). The fertilizers are produced in Belgium, at the Tirlemont site, but for reasons of proximity, marketing and logistics for the French market are managed by this office in Reims.