Our trades


As a specialist in fertilizer materials our company relies on a sales team with a thorough knowledge of its market! Our differential advantage over many competitors lies in the fact that we focus on just one market segment which allows us to claim to be true plant nutrition experts.

Besides the necessary commercial knowledge, our technical and sales representatives have been trained mainly in agronomy and agricultural technical to provide expert and objective advice to their customers. These competences are important, but having a deep knowledge of the agricultural sector is essential to us. Indeed, agriculture is a dynamic and innovative sector the actors of which are increasingly specializing and demand, more than ever, a professional approach and technical information allowing them to continuously increase their level of expertise. We know the specific situation of each business which means that together we can address performance and yield challenges by providing our solutions tuned to the real needs of each business!


In line with sales we produce the formulations requested by our customers. Pomagro produces a wide range of products with great differences as to the components (raw materials) as well as the physical mixture characteristics. The major objective in manufacturing is to mix the various sources of fertilizing elements into formulations which meet the expected agronomic requirements and guarantee the quality, stability and physical properties of the products.

Pomagro operates custom-designed breakers and mixers and continuously tunes its processes to new raw materials. Investments in infrastructure and equipment always aim at optimizing the mixing of fertilizing elements at all stages of production to provide the best possible product.

Reaching the service level expected by the customers in terms of speed and availability implies that we attach much importance to flexibility. Nevertheless, many procedures have been put in place to safeguard the necessary rigour in production and logistics: order planning, inflow of raw materials, complying with the standards, availability of finished products, … elements we do not take lightly!

Managing logistics

Pomagro ensures the availability of the formulations at the time requested by the customer whatever the type of delivery , viz. either delivered on farm or picked up at the warehouse. For deliveries on the customer's request we also manage the logistic organization of the transfer. For this we rely on privileged partners and transport businesses ensuring the best delivery times and conditions.

An optional service is available to customers who want to rent spreaders designed specifically for our fertilizers. For more information please contact the Pomagro production and logistics department.