Company values


Plant nutrition is our speciality and above all a beautiful challenge we address every day. Indeed, the continuous improvement and the permanent questioning of our processes have become everyday life reality. Therefore we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and performing installations enabling us to permanently optimize the whole production chain.

The essence of our innovation strategy lies in our being able to permanently search for and test new sources of fertilizers which create added value in agriculture. Such new raw materials demand good customer communication and information on their potential when used correctly. So, to us, innovation is a major concern we permanently care about to satisfy our customers and to remain a competitive company with a unique selling proposition.

Growing trials are carried out on a permanent basis to test our raw materials and their efficiency. Generally, such trials are conducted in cooperation with research centres.


Customer orientation

Customer orientation is the essence of Pomagro's company philosophy. It is the mutual trust developed with our customers that enables us to be in business and to earn wide recognition in our sector. Improving our consultancy, developing adapted and custom formulations, taking the specificity of the agricultural regions into account, ... these are all elements which allow us to advise our customers as expertly as possible and individually! Over time, we have always adapted our offer to the evolution in agriculture, to new techniques, with respect for the philosophy of the sector which tends to increasingly rely on reasoned systems. To meet the customers' needs in the best way, our staff have been trained in agronomy and agricultural techniques and have an excellent knowledge of the agricultural sector as a whole.

Focus on quality

To Pomagro, both quality and traceability prevail in many activities at all stages of production and marketing, from the reception of raw materials to after-sales customer advice. To optimize customer satisfaction and to keep confidence high with each customer, POMAGRO continuously focuses on optimizing the agronomic and physical qualities of the finished products. That is why, among other things, we have been operating an innovative and high-performance laboratory since 2014 to analyze incoming raw materials and to ensure that finished products comply with the required quality standards. Service quality as well is a priority. This involves a logistics policy which takes everyone's needs into account in terms of speed and availability. 

Pomagro holds several certifications. Read more …


In line with our company philosophy, combining social and environmental aspects with a sound economic development of our activities has always been aimed at.

From the environmental point of view, upgrading industrial by-products into fertilizers perfectly fits into sustainable fertilization. By-products are upgraded and enriched to produce complete and balanced formulations.

It is not without reason that our production processes, product quality and commercial advice are constantly improved! Pomagro is and must remain a competitive and profitable business and must maintain a win-win relationship of trust with each customer. This relationship must allow farmers to run businesses that perform well and allow us to perform well also. Moreover, to ensure its long-term continuity, Pomagro attaches great importance to respecting its commitments towards all its stakeholders.



Pomagro places high value on respecting the standards and legislation in force. We must be permanently alert to new laws and maintain close collaboration with the relevant authorities and certification bodies.   

As far as our customers are concerned, Pomagro has committed itself to supply products complying with the released guarantees and characteristics in terms of agronomic, physical and financial values. We strive to supply our customers within the delivery or removal deadlines they request.