Fav-Pomagro is based in Reims (France) and was founded in 1996 as ‘FAV 51 Fertilisation Agricole et Viticole’. After its takeover in 2011 by POMAGRO, 'FAV 51' becomes 'Fav-Pomagro' in order to develop a coherent commercial identity for sales in Belgium and in France. Fav-Pomagro specializes in the sales and distribution of potassium sulphate based fertilizers marketed under the brand name Sulfapot®.

Presently the company has a staff of three, viz. Mr. Marc Bernaerdt, sales manager, Mr. Laurent Vogny, technical and sales representative and Mrs. Viviane Fintz, in charge of the company administration.

From Brittany to the Alsace through the Paris Basin, FAV-POMAGRO supplies Haspargit-based Sulfapot formulations customized to the actual needs of each crop farm and market gardening business: account is taken of the climatic conditions, the types of crops, the agricultural techniques used or even the types of soil of the different regions in this large territory. To do so the French branch of Pomagro has developed its own range of products beside the formulations developed in Belgium.

FAV-POMAGRO works mainly with a distributor network. Besides selling products the representatives provide technical and agronomic support to the distributors that will in the end benefit the customers, crop farmers and market gardeners.


An A to Z service is also available to customers.

The 'down-to-the-roots' service for crop farmers is a full customer service, from the ordering of fertilizers to their spreading on the fields by agricultural contractors. This integrated service provided to farmers allows perfect control of the logistics and ensures the spreading quality our customers are entitled to expect.