Mr. Frans Huon sets up HASPAGRO SA, a company to re-use the potassium sulphate by-product known as Haspargit® in agriculture. The company takes over several silos of the Tirlemont sugar refinery and starts developing in Tirlemont itself. This location also proves strategic for the production of Haspargit® which comes from 'La Citrique Belge', a company close to the warehouse. Today the Tirlemont plant still is the main storage site of the company.



The POMAGRO limited company is founded. Its mission is to have a full range of inorganic fertilizers developed and marketed through Haspagro.



Pomagro acquires the premises of SAPSA SES in the centre of Jodoigne which become an important extra storage facility. As a result of this development, the Pomagro administration and all other services are centralized at the Jodoigne site. In other words, this acquisition has allowed the company to extend its commercial network and to considerably increase its storage capacity.



Considering the positive development of its activities, Haspagro invests in 2 new storage halls at the Tirlemont site (overall area: 2,500 m²).



Take-over of FAV 51, a French Reims-based company the name of which is immediately changed into FAV-POMAGRO. This new branch ensures the sales and the implementation of the Pomagro sales policy in France.

The AVEVE Group acquires a minority participation in the Pomagro group.



Pomagro invests in new facilities at the Tirlemont site. This investment includes a new production unit and a roofed-over storage area of 13,500 m² which represent a storage capacity of about 35,000 tonnes. The expected return on these investments lies in optimizing production thanks to the mixing system and the increased working space.  Simultaneously, new offices and a new state-of-the-art laboratory have been built in Tirlemont. This allows to centralize the administration and quality management at the production site.