Beside the extended range of Haspargit® fertilizers and liming materials, Pomagro markets Boval®, a product developed for and used in animal nutrition.



Boval® is made on the base of fermented sugar beet by-products.

It is a demineralized liquid product of vegetable origin obtained by fermenting the sugar contained in molasses from the sugar beet and sugar cane industry used to produce citric acid.

The production of Boval® from beet molasses includes three stages:

1.       FERMENTATION: fermentation of sugar into citric acid

2.       REFINING: extraction of citric acid by precipitation

3.       MANUFACTURING the finished product by depotassification




Boval® is used as a source of proteins in ruminant nutrition. It replaces forage and nitrogen correctors thanks to its many qualities:

-          rich in nitrogen and energy

-          Low ammonia nitrogen content

-          Source of essential nitrogen compounds, e.g. betaine and glutamic acid

-          Low in sugar and potassium





Dry matter

Minimum 70%

Total crude proteins

Minimum 24% MB (raw material)

Crude ash

Maximum 12% MB


Maximum 2% MB

The recommended Boval® dose in the ration is about 0.5 kg to 2 kg/adult animal/day. It can be adjusted according to need.

There are two methods to use Boval®. It can be mixed with the ration by the farmer or it can be incorporated directly in the silage during manufacturing. The latter quickly reduces acidity (pH) which allows a better forage storage.


Cattle farmers have shown great interest in Boval® which is an interesting protein source for cattle feed. Besides its financial advantage in comparison to other protein feeds, Boval® provides essential advantages for cattle.


-          Increases intake

In general it has been observed that Boval® allows to increase the dry matter intake capacity.    


-          Increases  the palatability and the nutritional value of rations

‘Boval® is like jam on toast. The toast alone does not taste good but with jam it is delicious!'. Indeed, Boval® increases the palatability by the citric acid it contains. Moreover, it also prevents silage from heating up and maintains the palatability and quality of the ration till it is consumed.


-          Acts as a binder and ration corrector

Boval® is, of course, a nitrogen corrector. Its presence diversifies the sources of nitrogen and energy. It acts as a binder which improves the appearance of the ration.


-          Improves the general condition of the livestock

Boval® contains many nutrients which are essential to animal health.


Boval® should be stored in a tank the capacity of which fits the herd size and daily consumption. The storage tank must be kept closed to avoid contamination from outside. To avoid deposits in the tank, Boval® should not be stored for more than one year.