Company philosophy

Pomagro specializes in the production and marketing of products for plant nutrition and also provides a cattle feed product, viz. Boval®.

We mainly distribute basic fertilizers (K, PK, NK, NPK) and liming materials. All our products are permanently available in bulk. The fertilizers of the Haspargit® range are supplied as moist powder and belong to the family of powder fertilizers.

Upgrading industrial by-products in agriculture

Pomagro is a major operator in the sector of plant nutrition. There are many actors on this market, each with their own specificities. Our strength lies in the fact that we provide a wide range of inorganic powder fertilizers on the basis of raw materials from by-products of the food industry mainly. To be able to provide such a wide range of products in line with its customers' needs, Pomagro has various supply sources for its raw materials.

We stand out thanks to our capacity to continuously search for and test new fertilizing materials which are by-products and most likely in compliance with the legislation and standards in force for inorganic fertilizers.

"To give the crops back what they have given us … "

Pure Haspargit® is the basic raw material of our fertilizers. It is produced on the basis of a vinasse extract containing high levels of potassium sulphate and calcium sulphate from the production of citric acid.

To find the origin of our products, one has to go back to the very first stage, viz. the cultivation of sugar beets! Harvested sugar beets are transported to sugar refineries. The sugar extraction process produces a by-product viz. molasses.

The molasses are transported to the Citrique Belge company in Tirlemont, where the non-extractable sugar in the molasses is fermented to produce citric acid. The remaining vinasses will then be depotassified through evaporation and centrifugation so producing two raw materials which Pomagro will process for use in agriculture.

  1. The liquid part: depotassified vinasses that can be upgraded into a source of proteins in animal feed. It is sold under the brand name Boval®.
  2. The solid part: precipitated double salt of potassium sulphate and calcium sulphate, sold under the brand name Haspargit®.