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Pomagro provides crop farmers with a range of complete and balanced formulations. Our Haspargit®-based formulations can be enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium to provide the 7 major and secondary elements required for plants to develop well. Our formulations are available in bulk and have the physical appearance of moist powder.

For the production of phosphorus-based mixtures, one has to know that providing the substances and its availability to the plant are complex elements to control. To cope with this, Pomagro has a wide range of phosphorus from various sources with various solubility coefficients. This allows to produce many formulations matching any type of soil and crop to guarantee/ensure optimum intake of the phosphorus by the plants.

Just a few reminders …


Nitrogen is an important factor for plant growth and quality for it plays a key role in the plant metabolism and is a key component of proteins. Plants with an adequate nitrogen supply grow fast and often have a dark green colour due to the high chlorophyll content in their vegetative system.

A good plant growth means an intense assimilation activity. That is why nitrogen is a yield determining factor and is also said to be the backbone of fertilization.

The importance of sustainable nitrogen fertilization

Nitrogen moves fast in the soil and consequently quickly migrates to the groundwater when it is not immediately assimilated by the plants. So it is very important to supply nitrogen at the right moment to avoid useless fertilization as plants do not take up more nitrogen than they need.


Phosphorus plays a major part in plant physiology. It is important for the respiration, the synthesis and degradation of carbohydrates, the synthesis of proteins and for many enzymatic processes. Phosphorus is mainly taken up during the vegetative growth and subsequently transferred to fruits or seeds during the reproduction stage. So phosphorus is a key element for the yield and the quality of the crop.

Phosphorus does not move much in the soil and the soluble phosphorus content of the soil is only 2% or 3% of the phosphorus quantity a plant can take up. Consequently, an adequate supply to the plant depends on a fast replenishment of the soil solution. So, phosphorus fertilizers have a dual purpose, viz. to meet the needs of the standing crops and to enrich or maintain the soil reserves at an adequate level.


Magnesium plays an important part in most of the plant vital functions, e.g. the photosynthesis, and stimulates the assimilation of CO2 and mineral nitrogen. It plays an important part in the biosynthesis of proteins and the metabolism of phosphorus.

Pomagro can supply water soluble magnesium and magnesium in the form of lime.


Sodium is regarded as a useful element for the Chenopodioideae plant family which the sugar beet belongs to. It contributes to the development of fructose and to its transformation into glucose in the root of the beet.

Inside the plant, sodium and potassium both have similar effects. This makes them interchangeable in some conditions.


Haspargit®, the specialist in growing potatoes

Our Haspargit®-based formulations are perfect for potato crops as they have a strong impact on quality and yield.